Sailing The Small Cyclades Islands

This itinerary is for our Rent By Cabin Charters. This popular route is also available with our other packages.

Day 1: Mykonos - Rhinia

We will meet at Ornos Bay on Mykonos at 13:30 to embark and have a welcome briefing. After this we will enjoy our first sail to Rhinia, an untouched piece of paradise where we will have a night under the stars and if weather permits a BBQ on the beach or dinner onboard.

Day 2: Delos - Antiparos

We'll wake up in this untouched paradise, start our day swimming in the turquoise water of Rhinia while breakfast is being prepared. After breakfast we will sail to the Sacred Island of Dhelos and anchor off the ancient site. We will go ashore and spend a few hours on the site and visit the museums. After lunch we will set sail for the next island of Antiparos. This is a small island off the coast of its larger sister Paros, famous for its beautiful scenery with many tavernas and bars to enjoy a very beautiful night ashore. The Island started growing in popularity a few years ago when Tom Hanks bought a house there.

Day 3: Antiparos - Iraklia

The next morning after breakfast, we will set sail for Iraklia, a beautiful untouched island from the Small Cyclades archipelago, where we can go snorkeling and walk (approx 1? hours) to a cave then at night sample traditional Greek cuisine from grandma's pans.

Day 4: Iraklia - Amorgos

After breakfast we'll sail to Amorgos, stopping along the way for a swim in one of the beautiful uninhabited islands of the Small Cyclades, where we will have lunch and relax, then set sail on to Amorgos where we will arrive in time to watch the magnificent sunset from one of the cafes.

Day 5: Amorgos

A whole day on this island is a beautiful experience which gives you the opportunity to rent a scooter or a car and drive around to see the breathtaking views, monasteries, churches, cliffs, villages, beaches, the Deep Blue movie was made here, as well as for having a day to yourself. Should you need a bank during your holiday you will find one in Katapola in the south. At night we shall go for dinner to one of the villages, where Greek music, wine and good food will await us.

Day 6: Amorgos - Koufonisi

After breakfast we will sail to the north beach on the island of Koufonisi. Here we can swim and and have lunch before going to the lovely picturesque port where you will find tavernas, bars and cafes that are a must to visit.

Day 7: Koufonisi - Paros

From Koufonisi we will sail after breakfast and stop for a swim and have lunch on a south beach of Naxos. We and then sail back to our final destination, Paros, one of the larger Cyclades islands. There we will spend our last night on board and next morning disembark at 10:00.